Ross Ipsa Loquitur Blog – Major Wireless Router Security Hole – This is Serious Folks

A company called Rapid7 has uncovered a really danger security hole that exists in most wireless routers. A setting that activates a function called Universal Plug and Play (usually referred to as “UPnP”) can expose the internal network to intrusion and relatively easy exploit.

For the more technically inclined, read this description of the issue or read this one.

For the rest of us, Andy Greenberg from Forbes magazines explains it in plain language here.

The point is that whether this applies to a router in your law firm or your home router, you need to disable UPnP. Odds are nearly 100% you won’t notice it at all. Do this now – this one is a serious risk to your firm’s and clients’ information and all your personal information at home.

Please take this seriously. If you don’t know how to access your router’s control panel, find the manual for it online and read how to turn off UPnP (or have your IT folks do it for you).