Ross Ipsa Loquitur Blog – New iThing (or an Android Thing) – THEN DO THIS FIRST!

So you found a shiny new iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Android tablet under your holiday tree/bush/in your stocking, hung with care last month?

What about security on mobile devices? A passphrase alone isn’t enough (although it’s a place to start and everyone should set one – a 4 digit “PIN” is much better than nothing and easier than “pass-swipes.”

All tablet and smartphone users need to install and use security software such as Lookout ( – the free version is adequate, although the premium version offers useful tools for $30/year). This will protect against intrusion including Bluetooth’s exploitable weaknesses as well as backup the content. Also, activate and learn to use remote wipe tools in case the device is stolen (iPhone or iPad:; Android: and also the Find my Phone/Tablet functions. Newbies virtually NEVER prepare for device loss or intrusion and it makes them easy marks for hackers/thieves.

Also, on every laptop, it really makes sense to use a low-cost recovery/remote wipe service like Lojack for Windows and Macs ( The Premium edition is on sale for less than $90 for three years – it’s crazy not to have this protection,

Firms should mandate its use as part of internal policy (same for institutionalizing the use of tools like Lookout). This should be the case for both firm-owned and individually-owned devices used for firm business purposes.

These should probably be at the top of the list for newbies – and while the situations sound geeky and uber-techie, fortunately the solutions are incredibly easy – easy enough for any newbie.