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Renee Kodner

“Good tech is a moving target. What is great today, may not be tomorrow”

Renee has nearly 35 years of experience working in and with law firms. As MicroLaw’s owner and a legal technology consultant for over 21 years, she has honed her ability to spot and correct workflow ineffeciencies and correct them with the help of technology and training. Over the years, Renee has obtained certifications in many of the software applications MicroLaw has deemed the best fit for its clients at the time. In the past that included Novell Netware, TimeMatters and WordPerfect, more currently Worldox Document Management and Tabs/PracticeMaster. Despite her solid technical chops…she’s still the client favorite for gentle, easy-to-understand software training.

Aside from researching and “playing” with new applications and new approaches to law office technology, Renee loves horseback riding, small batch Bourbons, and reading.

Sheryn Bruehl

“Don’t buy technology because it’s the latest coolest thing. Buy it because it makes your life better.”

Sheryn began working with MicroLaw as a technology and business consultant in 1999, after several years as a practicing attorney and small firm owner in Norman, Oklahoma. She spent half a decade on the technology education circuit with Ross Kodner, speaking and writing about practice management software, disaster planning, and quality of life. She is a published author and technology reviewer with extensive experience in law practice management software, hardware and client services. She has additional experience in business management consulting, marketing and public relations.

When she’s not “geeking out” over advances in voice recognition technology, she can be found indulging her love of fire, hot tea, good coffee, better bourbon or bargain wines, and a good book on finding balance in work and life.

Abraham Liebsch

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

As a 2005 graduate of Marquette University Law School, Abe looked for a career that mixed his interest in the legal field with his love of technology, and found a great fit at MicroLaw, where he is the resident technology professional and expert on all things Microsoft.

His tasks vary widely, from systems analyst to application and site design, client technical support, and training lawyers and their law office staff on legal technology and the finer points of Microsoft Office.

Love of technology fills Abe’s personal life as well, where he spends his time as a space enthusiast, motorcyclist, electronics tinkerer, and amateur philosopher. He finds himself equally at home in his home basement server farm and workshop, at the auto race track, or in the lecture hall.

Rich History, Bright Future

MicroLaw was founded in 1985, by attorney Ross Kodner.

Ross Kodner founded MicroLaw before almost anyone else knew what “legal technology” meant. For nearly 30 years, MicroLaw has been at the forefront of law office technology, providing document automation and practice management services to law firms, corporate legal departments and government counsel all over the United States, Canada, and as far away as Asia. We’ve been on the front lines of change for decades, and our collective experience is deep and broad.

In 2013, Ross Kodner’s unexpected death brought MicroLaw its biggest change yet. While his absence leaves a terrific void in the industry he helped create, our team has more than sixty years of combined experience in law practice management and technology. We are going to be here, serving the clients we’ve worked with for decades, for many years to come.

Big things are happening at MicroLaw, and our expectations for the future are bright. We’ve used the time since Ross’ passing to rally together and freshen our outlook. We are strategically expanding our offerings and our client base, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from us over the next year. The energy at our office is like a startup – but with 30 years of industry insight to stand on.

We’re happy to show you what we’ve done in the past, but now it’s time to think forward…Give us a call and let’s plan for your future.

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