3 Scenarios That Might Require an Attorney

A lawyer is a legal expert who is qualified to practice law. Attorneys can prepare legal documents, file papers in court, prepare lawsuits, negotiate settlements, and argue court cases.

Lawyers specialize in a field of law. Some of the most common types of lawyers include those who practice family law, corporate law, and personal injury law. Although there are many reasons why you may need to hire an attorney, accidents causing injury or death, estate planning, and divorce are among the most common reasons you’ll need a lawyer.

1. A loved one has been injured or killed in an accident.

A high percentage of people are injured or killed in car accidents each year in the United States. In addition to car accident injuries and deaths, thousands of workers die in workplace accidents annually. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that workplace injuries killed 5,333 American workers in 2019, and 2.8 million workers suffered nonfatal workplace injuries or illnesses.

You may have legal grounds to pursue a personal injury claim if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident. To determine if you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, you can contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your case. Reputable personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, which means you can ensure you feel comfortable with the lawyer and confident in the strength of your personal injury claim before taking steps to file a lawsuit.

Let’s say you were injured in a car accident in Louisiana. A simple Google search of “Top rated personal injury lawyers in New Orleans” can help you find an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area. You must hire an attorney who has experience with personal injury lawsuits because they’ll be familiar with personal injury cases as well as state and federal laws that may apply to your case.

Your personal injury lawyer will fight to ensure you’re compensated for your medical expenses and receive compensation for property damage as well as pain and suffering. Your personal injury attorney will interview witnesses and seek evidence that they can use to prove if there was negligence that contributed to the motor vehicle accident. They can also advise you about applying for benefits if you’re suffering from a short-term or permanent disability following your accident.

2. You need estate planning services or access to trust fund money.


One of the primary reasons people need an attorney is to settle their estate. Your estate planning lawyer can prepare your will to ensure that your property is divided according to your wishes. Without a will, your dependents or other family members may spend years fighting in court before a judge decides how to divide your property.

Estate planning attorneys can also create trust funds for your beneficiaries. These funds hold the money for your beneficiary and are often scheduled to be released to the beneficiary when they reach a specific age. Your estate planning attorney can advise you of your legal options to ensure you minimize the tax burden to your beneficiaries with your estate planning.

They can also take legal steps to ensure your beneficiaries can access the money they need for personal expenses and investments. Beneficiaries may also secure trust loans against the funds in their trust. For example, your beneficiary may need a trust loan to secure funds to purchase real estate. Whether you’re setting up trust funds or working with an equity company to secure a loan against your trust fund, it’s a good idea to seek legal representation. Your lawyer can provide legal counsel to ensure you make sound financial decisions.

3. You need to settle your divorce and custody.


Family law attorneys specialize in family law cases. While family law attorneys may also handle legal adoptions, they’re most commonly associated with divorce and custody cases. If you and your spouse decide to divorce, you may need to hire lawyers to represent your interests and fight to ensure you receive a reasonable share of your assets.

While some couples can resolve divorce and custody cases themselves, most need a lawyer to advise them of their legal rights and options. In contentious cases, your family law attorney may need to interview witnesses and gather evidence to prove why you should have primary custody of your minor children.

You may also need a family law attorney if you share custody of your children and have concerns about their physical or mental state when they return from the other parent’s home. Your lawyer can help you gather evidence to demonstrate that the other party is unfit or abusive.

There are several reasons why you may need an attorney. However, some of the most common reasons you’ll need to hire a lawyer include accidents causing injury, estate planning, and divorce.