3 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

A car accident can halt your way of life in an instant. From injuries suffered physically and mentally to a potential legal battle brewing, there are plenty of things to keep in mind from the moment after a wreck. Here are a few steps to take after an auto accident to make sure that your wellbeing is accounted for, and any outstanding matters from the crash are accounted for as quickly as possible.

1. Be sure to assess the accident scene.


Getting involved in a car accident is absolutely an instant shock. It’s important to take a deep breath before proceeding with dealing with the accident. Start by making sure that you and or anyone else in your vehicle are doing okay. Be sure that emergency services are called to handle the situation. Taking photos of the crash scene is recommended to have on hand if necessary during the insurance claims process.

Beyond making sure the other driver is okay, be sure to limit discussions about the accident with the other party beyond obtaining insurance information, and some personal information to move forward with a car accident claim. Be sure to take down any information about the crash, and even walk around the area to see if any eyewitnesses saw the car wreck happen in real-time.

Make sure you also provide any of this accident information to a police officer at the scene. If an ambulance arrives at the scene, it’s in your best interest to accept medical evaluation, even if you aren’t in any obvious pain.

2. Get yourself medically evaluated.


While it’s recommended to have a responding EMT take a look at you, it’s better to have your primary care provider assess the severity of your injuries. If your primary physician isn’t available for immediate medical attention, you can go to an urgent care clinic to evaluate any potential bumps and bruises, or possible broken bones.

There’s also the emergency room if need be. An injury victim may have an underlying problem that can only be detected by an X-ray or an MRI. It’s important to obtain any copies of medical records, as well as tracking any medical expenses so that insurers will cover costs or if this becomes a legal matter.

Beyond physical injuries, there can even be mental issues that arise from a serious accident. Teletherapy services like berkshiretherapists.com are accessible to talk out any emotions that may have arisen as a result of the accident. You may be suffering from anxiety over getting behind the wheel after this car wreck, or even depression brought on by any injuries you may have suffered at the scene of the accident.

3. Be transparent with your insurance.


It’s important to keep the lines of communication open between you and your insurance company after a car accident. Be sure to follow up on accident claims frequently from the time of submission, answering any question your insurance company or that of the other parties may have. This will assess the number of damages, and how quickly repairs can be financed. This will determine which party is at fault and if there was a negligent driver in this auto accident.

Insurers may not be able to hash out these cases, and it could lead to the need for legal assistance. Allan Berger & Associates, a leading New Orleans car accident lawyer, work with accident victims through their injury claims to make sure that their medical bills are properly accounted for by insurance companies and responsible parties in these car accidents. A car accident attorney will monitor medical records and accident reports to assure that there is financial peace of mind for you as a victim of a significant wreck or life-changing injury.