How to Practice Self-Care During a Divorce

The decision to divorce is never easy. If you and your partner have decided your marriage is over and it’s time to start a new chapter, it’s likely you’re experiencing many of the symptoms of grief that come with endings. While it’s perfectly normal to mourn the loss of a shared dream, and even if you’re happy to be divorcing, feelings can get complicated quickly.

One great way to make it through these challenging times a little easier is to develop a self-care plan that will help you to put your mental and physical wellbeing as a priority in your life. The reality is, that in taking care of yourself during your divorce, you’ll give yourself a better chance of making it to your next chapter with less heartache and regret. For a few ways to take care of yourself during your divorce, read on.

Hire a divorce lawyer you trust.


One of the best ways to buy yourself peace of mind during the divorce process is to hire an experienced divorce attorney to handle your end of your divorce case. Not only can an experienced divorce lawyer help with property division, legal separation, setting alimony, mediating child custody, and spousal support, but they can answer questions and give legal advice along the way.

In having a family law attorney to handle your divorce proceedings, you’ll be in a position where you aren’t up all night trying to learn the legal process on Google or wondering if you’ll get a favorable outcome in your divorce case. Instead, by leaving your divorce in the professional’s hands, you’ll have the benefit of extensive experience before, during, and after your divorce case.

Finding a divorce lawyer can be easier than you might realize. A Google search for a divorce attorney in your area will bring up a list of attorneys ready and willing to represent you. Even if you’re going for an uncontested divorce, it’s a good idea to hire a divorce lawyer to help with litigation. If you live in San Diego, a search like “divorce attorney in San Diego” will bring you to a list of lawyers in your area who offer free consultation and can meet with you about your legal options. Taking this step alone is a great way to take care of your mental wellness during a divorce.

Get plenty of exercise.


While your divorce attorney looks out for your best interest in negotiations, it’s a good idea to keep yourself busy. Start with getting plenty of exercises and eating right. A visit to StepFitness online will point you in the right direction of things like keto diets that might help kick-start a new wellness routine.

The truth is that divorce is stressful and many people fall into the trap of overeating and neglecting their healthy routines during the divorce process. By taking control of your health from the beginning of your divorce through the final paperwork, you’ll do wonders for your mental health as well.

If regular exercise and eating right are new to you, start with thinking of things you enjoy. Perhaps you like visits to the lake. Picking up a paddleboat or taking walks to the water could be a great way to get started. The same applies to eating routines. Start with healthy foods you naturally gravitate to anyway and build a healthier diet from there.

Give yourself a makeover.


Divorce can shake a person’s confidence. Whether it’s that you’re tired of old routines or you just haven’t felt like yourself lately, it’s a great idea to get a makeover that reminds you of your worth. Start with a shopping spree and give yourself permission to pick up things like those petite womens suits you’ve had your eye on. End the day with a trip to the spa.

For men, consider rebuilding your wardrobe, too, and don’t forget to renew that old gym membership. By taking the time to reinvest in you with a new look, you’ll be telling the world and yourself that you’re ready for your next chapter.

Form a support network.


Some days will be better than others during your divorce. This is why having a close group of friends and family around will be important. Take some time to identify your best supports and consider adding a therapist who specializes in grief counseling to your support team. By sticking close to people who understand the challenge you’re facing, you’ll have people to talk to on hard days. Ask friends and family to hang out on weekends and see your therapist regularly.

By the time the ink on the divorce papers is dry, you’ll be in a better spot if you’ve taken the time to make yourself a priority during your divorce. By hiring an experienced divorce attorney, getting regular exercise, helping yourself to feel more confident, and surrounding yourself with supportive people, you’ll come out of your divorce with new goals and ready to restart a happier life. Start by taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that you’re worth it.