Motorcycle Accidents: What to Do After the Crash

A motorcycle is a popular type of motor vehicle that is still growing in popularity. Between the years 2014 and 2018, in the United States, there was an increase in the number of motorcycle-owning households. The number of homes with motorcycle owners grew by over 1.5 million homes. Some motorcycle riders choose to ride motorcycles in addition to or instead of driving a car or truck. Other motorcycle riders ride in their leisure time with or without friends. Many motorcyclists convene and ride together during major Bike Week events that take place in Myrtle Beach and Daytona Beach.

While riding a motorcycle can be fun and enjoyable, it can also be somewhat dangerous. Motorcycles do not provide covering and protection to riders as cars and trucks do to drivers. For this reason, motorcyclists have an increased likelihood of injury and more prone to accidents on the road. Motorcyclists account for 14 percent of traffic-related fatalities. Extreme environmental and weather conditions, potholes in the ground, and other road hazards, and distracted drivers pose risks to motorcycle riders and are likely to cause accidents.

A motorcyclist involved in an accident should consult a motorcycle accident lawyer. Motorcyclists in California can turn to the Law Offices of Daniel Kim for legal aid. An attorney is especially necessary for situations in which someone sustains mild or severe injuries. After a motorcycle accident, motorcyclists need to get medical attention as required, as soon as possible. Any injuries incurred in an accident should be noted and photographed. Additionally, motorcyclists should make a note of and take photos of any damage done to their motorcycle.

In an accident, a motorcycle may be scratched, damaged on one or both sides, or completely totaled. The windshield may be cracked or destroyed. Motorcycle riders should go to a windshield repair and replacement service to have their windshield repaired by skilled professionals. Motorcycle owners who conduct internet searches using the keywords ‘windshield replacement Orlando,’ can find the solution to their problems by going to Orange Blossom Auto Glass.

Repairs are possible for windshields with small cracks that do not obstruct a motorcycle rider’s view and do not worsen. Windshields that have large cracks that impair a motorcyclist’s ability to see, however, should be replaced with new glass. A professional, such as one at Orange Blossom Auto Glass, would know under what circumstances a repair would suffice and when to do a full replacement. Motorcyclists should always let a professional do a windshield replacement instead of trying to do it themselves because professionals know how to remove and input glass correctly. Proper removal and insertion of a windshield are crucial to motorcycle safety. Motorcycle riders should make sure that their motorcycle insurance can cover a windshield replacement and any other repairs done to their motorcycle.

Seeking legal counsel is the best thing a motorcyclist can do to protect themselves and their motorcycle following a crash. No two accidents are the same. Some incidents leave motorcyclists incapable of returning to their jobs and unable to ride their motorcycles or even drive a car again. The injuries sustained in an accident can cause more than enough stress on a person, but not being able to pay medical expenses adds more frustration. For this reason, injury lawyers, such as those at the Law Offices of Daniel Kim, should be sought to ensure that motorcyclists are fairly compensated and rewarded what they deserve.

Motorcyclists can rest assured that their case is well-fought when they consult the right team of experienced legal experts. Injured motorcyclists can focus on physically, emotionally, and mentally recovering from and coping with accidents and leave everything else up to the experts. Attorneys who specialize in injury and accident cases can be a trustworthy source of support to someone and their family following a vehicular incident.