The Best Ways To Promote Your Case Results as a Lawyer

Running a successful law firm requires certain business savvy. Managing a successful law practice requires a sound understanding of client intake, bookkeeping, office management, marketing strategy, and more. An effective digital marketing strategy is one of the best practices for a law firm. It’s important to understand the ins and outs of legal marketing to stand out from competitors and gain new clients.

Marketing Strategies and Tactics


Getting the best results out of your digital marketing efforts requires a strategic and data-driven approach and knowing the difference between tactics, strategies, and plans. Marketing strategies are long-term approaches to business goals while tactics are short-term tools that help you reach those business goals. Marketing plans help you execute strategies. Effectively implementing tactics, strategies, and plans is key to achieving the best results. As your marketing needs evolve, so will your business goals, strategies, tactics, and plans.

One of the best practices of developing a successful digital marketing strategy is to employ the expertise of a digital marketing company. Flagstone Search Marketing has years of experience creating well-crafted search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC campaigns, engaging social media marketing, cost-effective website design, and Google Maps optimization. The search marketing agency creates customized marketing packages based on client’s unique business goals and needs. The digital marketing agency offers organic SEO services, paid search marketing campaign design, website design, and inbound marketing services. Crafting the right online marketing campaign helps your law firm build a strong online presence that drives business goals and attracts your target audience.

Tools To Grow Your Practice


You need to build a law firm brand that you can market. Think about what your practice stands for, how you want potential clients to view your firm, and what type of brand experience you want to give. A strong law firm brand conveys value, trust, and quality. When building a legal brand, it’s important to consider your image, style, and consistent voice. You need to know the client persona you will market your brand to. One of the best practices in digital marketing is to create a composite client profile, or client persona, to guide your marketing efforts. Depending on the practice areas of your law firm, you may have several ideal client personas.

A great example of building a strong brand that conveys value, trust, and quality is the Tamil lawyer, Malliha Wilson. She has built an impressive career specializing in international human rights, indigenous, constitutional, corporate, and labour law, and other complex litigation. She was the first visible minority to serve an 8-year term as the assistant deputy attorney general of the Government of Ontario. Malliha Wilson also served as the senior appellate litigation counsel with the Ontario government, where she participated in notable cases at the Supreme Court of Canada and Ontario Court of Appeal.

You’ll need to develop a marketing funnel that captures the awareness, evaluation, and conversion phases of the client journey. There are three stages of the marketing funnel. The awareness stage is when the client starts researching to understand their legal problem. The consideration stage is when the client begins to define their specific legal problem and research all the ways to resolve it. The decision stage is when the client looks for legal advice and help with their situation.

Promote Your Firm


How you promote your law firm depends on your marketing goals. Setting marketing goals helps you create a more targeted legal marketing plan that attracts the right clients. You need to set a specific metric for each of these defined goals, including analytics, KPIs, and ROIs. Google Analytics is a great tool for measuring metrics and results. It helps you see web traffic, website views, and page clicks on your website. Social media channels have analytics systems you can use to measure user engagement. CRMs, Salesforce, and law practice management software also provide useful insights into the effectiveness of your marketing.

The key to increasing your law firm’s visibility is implementing the right marketing strategies and tactics that promote your firm and grow your practice.