What Lawyers To Contact for Different Crises

Often, people go about their day without significant disruptions. They drop their children off at school or daycare, go to work, and return home later. While there may be some frustrating moments during their day, most people don’t experience something that makes them think about contacting an attorney.

However, thousands do experience potentially life-altering events. In 2019, over 33,000 car accidents caused over 36,000 deaths. These figures don’t include accidents that did not result in a person’s death. In addition to motor vehicle accidents, people may also deal with legal issues at home or work. Let’s take a closer look at which lawyers you should contact when you’re dealing with a crisis.

Family lawyers handle family law matters.


Sometimes, your legal needs are personal. You may want to adopt a child or prepare a will to ensure your estate’s distributed according to your wishes after your death. Perhaps you’ve realized your marriage is faltering, and you think it’s best to separate. Perhaps your spouse has filed for divorce.

Family law attorneys handle wills, separations, divorces, and child custody cases. The best way to prepare for a family legal matter involves contacting family lawyers in Brisbane who’ll ensure you understand your legal options and help you protect your legal rights. Whether you’re separating or pursuing a divorce, they’ll explain the Family Law Act and ensure you know your legal rights. They can help you navigate property settlements and custody and child support issues. Family legal matters are often emotional situations, and it’s crucial you hire an attorney who’s sensitive to your situation and can help you navigate your legal options.

Talk to a labour law attorney if your rights are violated at work.


Employees have legal rights, but sometimes, employers violate those rights. Employers may also disregard labour laws by failing to take action to protect employees from discrimination or mistreatment.

When you have a labour law issue, you must seek out an experienced labour law attorney. Perhaps you’ve been terminated without cause. In that case, a labour law attorney such as Malliha Wilson can take legal action against your former employer. Wilson’s background includes presenting cases before Canada’s Supreme Court and working for the Ontario government. She also handles complex litigation and human rights cases.

When you hire Wilson for your wrongful dismissal case, she will file for wrongful termination. Your lawyer’s duties involve collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses to ensure they prepare a comprehensive case that establishes your wrongful termination. Labour law attorneys also pursue legal action on behalf of clients mistreated in the workplace. These attorneys may also work for groups of employees engaged in a labor dispute with their employer and help mediate a settlement.

Personal injury attorneys help accident victims.


After earning an undergraduate degree, lawyers must earn a law degree and pass the bar exam. While earning their law degree, lawyers choose a legal specialty that determines what types of cases they’ll handle when they start practicing law.

Lawyers who specialize in personal injury law work for accident victims. These attorneys handle wrongful death suits when someone’s killed in an accident. They may also represent individuals injured in accidents. Their role involves fighting for the victim or victim’s family to receive appropriate compensation for costs stemming from the accident. These costs may include medical bills, funeral costs, lost income, and job retraining. Personal injury attorneys also fight for fair compensation for property damaged in the accident.

Personal injury lawyers may also handle medical cases, such as birth injuries and medical malpractice cases. You may also contact a personal injury attorney if you’ve been in a workplace accident and need to fight for workers’ compensation benefits.

When you’re dealing with a legal crisis, contact a lawyer who specializes in the appropriate field of law. Your lawyer will explain your options, ensuring you protect your legal rights.