Why Lawyers Need to Master Project Management

Project managers are professional task-finishers. Project management is all about allocating the energy and resources you need to complete each subtask within a problem set. Project management is a crucial skill for those in the construction, research, and even legal fields. Every industry relies on dedicated project managers and their schedule maintenance, goal setting, and motivational abilities in order to remain on task and get things done by their deadlines.

Lawyers are particularly vulnerable to tight schedules and overworked assistants. Cases come in on a daily basis and the legal minds that set themselves to defending injured workers, car accident victims, or alleged criminals have to remain on top of their game in order to successfully navigate all the intricacies of each and every case that they have to handle each day, week, month, and year.

Project Management as a Lifestyle


Lawyers are constantly on the go. A workers compensation lawyer in Chicago, for example, might see hundreds of cases over the course of a single year, requiring a significant dedication to schedule in order to keep each unique instance and the personal facts in each case in line.

Workers’ compensation lawyers have it tough. They have to defend their clients against well-armed legal teams that seek to deny benefits to workers who are legitimately hurt while on the job. These can range from mental fraying to significant workplace accidents that cause visible and physical injuries that are much easier to show a judge or jury.

Each case is unique and workers’ compensation professionals are forced to adopt a flexible outlook that employs a range of tactics in order to get justice and the compensation deserved by each one of their clients. Free consultation offers, exams by a doctor, and coverage of medical bills in the short term are all key weapons in the arsenal of a workers’ compensation lawyer, but the real work is done in managing the workers’ compensation case with grace and professionalism.

With a PM certification online, lawyers can build a skill set that puts management of these smaller tasks out in front. A project management professional is someone who can assign importance to tasks with ease and schedule a variety of different issues in a comprehensive and professional manner. Navigating all the research and court dates that you face as a lawyer can be a significant burden if you don’t plan well. Keeping a detailed calendar of all your meetings and professional needs is a start, but with the help of a project management institute, you can take your managerial chops to the next level and boost your efficiency and win rate in the courtroom all at the same time.

Project management is about assigning work, too.


Not only will a project manager certificate help you focus on your own work and the interior tasks that come with it, project management is a great framework for those who direct a team as well. Insurance companies, law firms, and many other large operations rely on focused managers that can delegate tasks to the office in order to ensure a smooth-running machine. At a law firm, there are multiple layers of law professionals and support staff that need to be moving together toward common goals on each case. With the help of project management training, you can step into this essential role as the delegator for your team.

Drawing on your knowledge from PMI, you will be totally equipped to place research assistants within small groups where they will thrive and delegate cases that are best suited for a variety of legal styles within your law firm’s stable of lawyers. With a PMI certificate, you will be fully capable of setting and meeting important deadlines, crafting goals, milestones, and budgetary projections, and much more.

Management is hard work, but PM certificate holders are well-equipped for the tasks at hand. Take your career to the next level by introducing a management approach to your legal work.