Why You Should Consider Teletherapy During a Divorce

Going through a divorce is a difficult time for all parties involved. Some divorcees and their family members have found it helpful to talk out their feelings with a licensed therapist. However, the COVID-19 pandemic put those in-person sessions on hold for some time.

Thankfully, mental health professionals have been able to offer that same support online. Teletherapy services have provided the chance for patients to talk to their therapist from afar and come away with the same peace of mind as they receive in person. It’s highly recommended for a spouse or child in the midst of divorce proceedings.

Benefits of Teletherapy


You might be asking yourself, what is teletherapy? The truth is teletherapy is just traditional therapy online or by phone. While some people prefer face-to-face therapy in an office with a mental health professional, an online therapist can provide the same services regardless of your current situation. For spouses going through the divorce process, it’s a chance to have a private one-on-one for a therapist to address their feelings about ending the marriage.

These online therapy sessions could be in the best interest of addressing potential issues that may have caused the dissolution of the marriage. The confidentiality of these virtual therapy sessions allows for a safe space, even through online means, that has also helped some divorcing couples gain coping skills as they venture into this next chapter of life. It’s also helpful for splitting couples with children to get an assessment of their own mental health to better help their kids get through this tough time.

Divorce Counseling


Peace of mind and a sympathetic ear are highly beneficial when going through a divorce. Pedrick Law Group, a leading Irvine divorce attorney firm, provides experience and an understanding that this is not an easy time for any family member. With sound legal advice, the right counselor can handle a divorce case to avoid any contention that causes a dangerous deviation between splitting parties. This will allow each ex-spouse to walk away from the table with any outstanding legal issues set aside.

This can include the annulment of the marriage or executing a prenuptial agreement. By showing compassion through the process, a divorcing couple can have some ease of mind knowing their specific needs are met. A divorce lawyer can also act as a mediator to settle any significant differences on spousal support or child support to avoid any hurdles in the long run.

While there are some irreconcilable issues like infidelity and domestic violence, divorce attorneys will make sure everything is done in the best interest of their clients and their well-being.

Other Family Law Matters


Teletherapy technology has made strides in recent months because of the COVID-19 pandemic so that any type of therapy can actually be accessible online. Medical professionals are even able to interact with children caught up in divorce proceedings. This allows for unique, individualized treatment that may better suit the child beyond traditional methods. In fact, more children have found comfort with online therapy because of a liking to work with their tablet or smartphone.

In some cases, therapists have been able to offer sessions via text rather than a phone call for the comfort of kids and teens. This is an effective way to address any emotions that children of divorce may be experiencing right now. This could stem from relationship issues with one of the divorcing parents, or any underlying difficulties with educators or with classmates. All you need is a stable internet connection and the understanding that mental health therapy is a safe space to say whatever they want to say without interruptions.