5 Qualities That Make a Good Lawyer

Lawyers possess some qualities and skills that help them take on their responsibilities as attorneys. Apart from having a passion for their jobs and good judgment, lawyers must possess certain skills that will set them apart from the rest of their competitors. So, whether you’re looking for a good lawyer to help you with your case or you’re looking to become a lawyer yourself, you should know about these traits and how to implement them.

Here are five qualities that make a good lawyer.

1. Compassion


A good lawyer will have compassion above everything else. A lawyer’s job is based on their genuine interest to resolve someone else’s problems. Compassion guides lawyers to develop solutions for their clients, avoid issues, and focus on how their client feels to understand their perspectives even though they may not agree with them. Many lawyers show compassion through their work defending animals, small businesses, and human rights. Malliha Wilson is an exemplar of this trait.

Malliha Wilson is a Tamil-Canadian lawyer from Sri Lanka who fights for human rights in the Great White North through her law firm Nava Wilson LLP. Malliha has also demonstrated compassion through her work as the assistant deputy attorney general for the government of Ontario, Canada, and her notable cases at the Supreme Court. Malliha Wilson helps real estate investors, buyers, and sellers successfully close their deals as well as assists entrepreneurs to make the right decisions for their businesses. She also helps protect the human rights of her clients with the help of her litigation team.

2. Communication skills

Moreover, a good lawyer will have excellent communication skills to interact with their clients and a professional and tactful manner, while implementing the law as necessary. For example, some of the best bankruptcy lawyers in Birmingham AL, such as Bouloukos Oglesby & Mitchell, will communicate to their clients about the different types of bankruptcy they can file with extensive experience in the Birmingham area.

They will explain to their clients the differences between bankruptcy chapters seven, 11, and 13 so they can make the best decision possible when they can no longer afford monthly payments of their bills. They will provide a client with the pros and cons of each chapter as well as the requirements needed to file bankruptcy under any of them.

3. Assertiveness


It’s a common misconception that the best lawyers are aggressive—the reality is they are assertive. Respected lawyers will state their opinions while remaining respectful of others rather than attacking or ignoring others’ perspectives in favor of their own. Aggressive lawyers lack compassion, but assertive ones understand their clients’ different positions and act with respect toward them. This creates a cooperative environment between the attorney and clients and makes it possible to come up with resolutions and agreements between different parties.

4. Perseverance

Likewise, successful lawyers know that they have a hard job and that it usually takes more than one try to make things work. They also understand that this world is not perfect and not everything will go as they would like. This understanding gives them perseverance so they can take breaks when they’re feeling beat and come back later with replenished energy to negotiate whatever is at hand. Perseverance also allows them to accept defeat and proceed with their lives with lessons learned.

5. Creativity


Lastly, good lawyers must be creative enough to find actual solutions for their clients’ issues. They understand that each situation is different from the last and must each be handled accordingly. They must be able to think outside the box and come up with unique ways to approach each situation with the right level of understanding.

Take note of these qualities when looking for a good lawyer to handle your case or developing your skills if you want to work in the law industry.