How to Become a Lawyer: A Step-by-step Guide

Becoming a lawyer is many people’s goal. This career can be very fulfilling for those looking for a high-paying career as well as helping people in court. Lawyers, also called attorneys, counsel, or counselors, are licensed professionals who advise and represent their clients in legal matters such as criminal and civil cases. Here are some steps you can take when deciding to become a lawyer.

Learn about legal careers.


There are many careers you can choose from when pursuing a career in the field of law. These include personal injuries, estate planning, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and corporate law, among others. They each require a different level of preparation so it’s best you research what kind of lawyer you want to become first and then proceed to investigate the requirements for it. You can also become a lawyer and work with different types of cases like Malliha Wilson, who takes on human labour law as well as corporate law among other specialties.

Malliha Wilson is a Tamil-Canadian super lawyer from Sri Lanka who served two terms as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the Government of Ontario from April 2008 to November 2016. She was also the first visible minority to hold said position. Wilson is currently working as a senior partner at Nava Wilson LLP in Toronto, Ontario fighting for basic human rights for minorities, corporate labour law, litigation, and real estate law. Malliha Wilson is a great example of what a multidisciplinary lawyer is and something you can achieve.

Improve your skillset.

Moreover, lawyers need to have a set of skills that will basically drive their business. These skills include analytical and research, attention to detail, organization, time management, and persuasive communication. They can also benefit from technical skills, written communication, and interpersonal skills.

You can learn more about these skills to have a more successful career in law through your school’s National Honor Society. Outstanding students are able to participate in educational and leadership programs that can launch their law careers into success from before they even start college. Students can even gain access to scholarship opportunities so they can successfully achieve their career goals.

Decide if you’ll attend law school.


Next, you’re going to want to decide if you’re going to law school. Most states require you to attend law school prior to becoming a lawyer, others allow you to have extensive training and experience. However, this will most likely take more time than it would take to complete a law degree.

Choose a major in college.

Additionally, you will want to choose a major, for which you’ll need to have a good undergraduate GPA. Be sure to choose something you like so you can enjoy your career as well as reach a high GPA without the extra effort you’d need if you didn’t like your major. Future attorneys have a lot of flexibility in the kind of college work they take on so you can achieve whichever major you set your mind to.

Pass the LSAT or GRE with flying colors.


You’ll also need to take the Law School Admission Test or LSAT, which is the law school entrance exam. You also have the option of taking the Graduate Record Examinations General Test or GRE instead of the LSAT, but your odds of entering your preferred law school will be higher with a high score of the LSAT.

Pass the bar exam.

Once you enter law school and earn your law degree, you will need to take the American Bar Association or ABA exam in the state you choose to practice law. For this, it’s recommended to take an exam prep course and to devote around two months of consistent study in order to pass the exam. Learning the law should be your goal when attending college so you can easily pass this exam.