A Week in Arlington on a $55,000 Salary

Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today, a property manager who makes $55,000 a year in Arlington, Texas, gives us the scoop on her weekly ordeals, which include cross-country adventures.

Occupation: Property Manager

Age: 43

Location: Arlington, Texas, U.S.

Salary: $55,000 (approx. $2,200 per pay period)

Day One


It’s only Monday and I already have to make a trip overnight to Florida because one of my Clearwater rental properties’ current tenants is getting its bathroom remodeled tomorrow, and I need to be there for the whole process. I’m sort of a neat freak, so I made sure to call one of the best bathroom remodeling companies in Clearwater, CMK Construction Inc.

They always leave the property looking like new with their accent lighting, exquisite flooring, and custom cabinetry. For this one property, I’m installing a new acrylic shower and a replacement tub with customized colors and patterns on the walls. It’s going to be super chic, and my tenants are going to love it. CMK Construction is my go-to company when remodeling my clearwater properties. Now, if only I can find an equally affordable last-minute plane ticket …

Total: $279.43

Day Two


While I’m in Clearwater waiting for the remodeling process to finish on my rental property, I’m calling different Arlington electricians for my other rental property over in Texas. Because this week just keeps getting better. I managed to hire Clements Electric, and they said they would be at the property in a couple of hours. This rental property has been a pain lately—the entire electrical panel flopped last night. My tenant said that there was a big lightning storm passing through Arlington, so that’s probably why it fried. Whatever the case is, I know the technicians from Clements Electric will get it fixed or replaced in no time. I see that the remodelers are wrapping up today, so I’m going to order some delivery food and eat it as they finish.

Total: $14.32

Day Three


I’m headed to the airport to get on my flight back home in Texas. There’s no line at the gift shop, so I’m going to stop and buy something for my boyfriend, R. He loves coffee, so I’ll get him a cute Florida-themed coffee mug.

Total: $12.34

Day Four


I’m back at home, scoping other properties around my area on the web to expand my rental inventory. I’ve already seen a couple that I like, but I’m not satisfied with them yet. I took a break from house hunting and decided to go to the dog park with my puppy, F. He’s a dalmatian and loves running, catching frisbees, and chasing other dogs around. We just finished at the park, and now we’re at Petco getting a new leash because his current one is pretty much obliterated.

Total: $11.75

Day Five


It’s Friday, and I’m pretty much chilling here at home until R. gets off work. I had several calls from my tenants, but everything seems to be going well for them and my properties. R. just finished his shift and is on his way over to pick me up and take me to Six Flags. I love amusement parks and roller coasters and everything in between, so this is going to be a fun date.

Total: $79.33

Day Six


It’s Saturday and today I’ll be spending it at home with R. He’s helping me look for a new house because I decided to flip this one and put it on the rental market. On my way to Home Depot with R. to get some of the first materials I’ll be needing for the flip.

Total: $48.22

Day Seven


It’s Sunday and I want to go to the botanical garden to stretch out my legs and get some sunshine on my skin. I need to buy sunscreen before getting there, so I’m at the pharmacy getting a bottle.

Total: $33.54

Total for the week: $478.93