The Ultimate Checklist for Hotel Managers

The hotel industry is both highly competitive and highly profitable for those who are able to succeed. However, it’s important that you understand everything that goes into operating a hotel, especially since the business relies heavily on word of mouth and customer loyalty. You’ll need to make the right investments and design choices, in addition to allocating resources for attractive amenities. If you want to learn more about what you’ll need to manage a hotel, read on for the ultimate checklist for hotel managers.

What does your hotel business need?


Anyone who is responsible for managing a hotel business will have a lot of needs to address. One area that should be a priority for hotels is security. Many people are concerned about theft and unauthorized access to their rooms when staying at a hotel. You should look for a modern security camera system that offers features like analytics and AI integration like Verkada. After reading a Verkada review or two, you’ll understand why business professionals trust Verkada’s camera system. You can use Verkada cameras in an indoor or outdoor environment to make sure you have a 24/7 video feed of everything that happens on your property.

The majority of hotels offer some type of restaurant or bar for guests to enjoy. If your hotel plans to do so, you’ll need to find all the equipment you need at a reasonable price. Operating a hotel business can be expensive, so you may want to look into restaurant equipment loans to help manage the costs. Rather than paying upfront for thousands of dollars worth of equipment, you’ll only be responsible for an affordable monthly payment.

What else should hotel managers prioritize?


Your hotel’s design and aesthetic will play a meaningful role in your success and ability to appeal to customers. With so much competition in the hotel industry, it’s essential for you to find ways to stand out. One way to do that is by creating a stylish environment that is welcoming to guests. If you don’t have design experience or your hotel is particularly large, it may be a good idea to enlist the services of an interior designer, though you might be surprised to see how much unique decor you can find on a budget.

Amenities are another deciding factor for many consumers, which is why having options for foodservice and recreation is necessary for any serious hotel business. In warmer climates, guests are going to expect a pool. You can also offer spa services, which can generate significant additional revenue for your hotel. Even small details, like greeting a customer using their name or leaving a welcome note on their bed, can make your guests feel more valued and appreciated.

Security is a smart place for managers to start when evaluating their hotel’s needs. Verkada’s system for monitoring and security is a wise investment for any hotel that is in need of high-quality security camera services. Your company’s cameras will help you control access to the premises, as well as identify any nefarious actors that seek to harm your customers and employees or cause damage to your property. Equipment should also be a priority, especially for any bar or restaurant in your hotel. Depending on your financial situation, it may be best to avoid paying the full purchase price by opting to lease instead. The decor will be another major area of focus, especially if you want your hotel to stand out. There’s no denying that it takes a lot of work to manage a hotel business, but the investments you make in your business will often end up ultimately increasing your profitability.