Global Leaders to Watch Out For

There are many businesses that excel in a variety of different economic spheres. Some automobile manufacturers stay at the top of the automotive sales heap, dictating auto trends for years to come. Technology firms widen their reach with countless innovations, changing the way the world operates.

Other global leaders continue to rise to such influential levels in a variety of areas. In some cases though, it’s a little difficult to sift through what global leading businesses should be followed. Today we’ll focus on global leaders that you should watch out for.

Nava Wilson LLP


Law firms are essential parts of many parts of our world. Lawyers help to defend people who are in need of legal advice, while also deciphering the law which governs many countries. Law can be practiced on a variety of fronts, allowing a person to find someone who specializes in a particular issue. Having a qualified senior counsel or special legal advisor in your corner can provide you with peace of mind. One of the global leaders who are providing such services to those who need them is the law firm of Nava Wilson LLP. This law firm specializes in real estate, corporate law, and litigation, helping to raise awareness to human rights violations within the Canadian legal system. One of the reasons why Nava Wilson LLP is a global leader on this front is because of the talents of Senior Counsel Malliha Wilson.

Ms. Wilson is one of the best Canadian lawyers that you’ll find practicing law today. A senior counsel with Nava Wilson LLP, Malliha is a Tamil Canadian lawyer who formerly served as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Ontario Government. In this position, she was the first visible minority to hold the role. She’s also a former Special Legal Advisor at the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO). In her role as senior counsel at Nava Wilson LLP, she focuses on human rights, Indigenous, constitutional, corporate and labor law, and other complex litigation. With Canadian lawyers, like the esteemed Malliha, providing legal advice to their clients, Nava Wilson LLP continues to rise as a global leader. Their talented crop of litigators has shown in recent years that they are a law firm at the forefront of the legal landscape.


Another global leader to watch out for is Marcum BP. This private company works as an independent public accounting firm, providing financial due diligence to its clients. In recent years This firm has grown to become one of the best SEC audit, accounting, and consulting services providers in the world. They have locations in major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou, focusing on the China market.

The company provides financial due diligence and forensic accounting services for those individuals who want to conduct business in China. They also provide comprehensive services to Chinese companies and individuals who are seeking out overseas expansion. This will include M&A, global tax, capital verification, real estate, and EB-5 investment services. This business provides the best assurance services to help guide a prospective client through the financial and tax machinations of doing business in China. For those who have a willingness to dig deeper into this financial arena, this firm is the best company to align yourself with. For this reason, and many more, Marcum is fast becoming a global leader.



Streaming television has become one of the largest business enterprises in the world. During the rise of COVID-19, this became extremely apparent. Many people were forced to stay home, and Netflix streaming became a go to option for staying entertained. The public company enjoys financial statements which continue to grow positively, being one of the top-performing streaming providers in the U.S. market. With hundreds of shows released each year through its service, this international competitor has supplanted itself as a global leader.