How Do I Find Old Arrest Records?

It often seems like we’re unsafe no matter where we go. Our colleagues, neighbors, and even loved ones could have something to hide, whether it be to keep relationships on the same terms, or worse: to avoid being caught for criminal activity. Some people have no boundaries to the point of faking their identity to avoid legal trouble. 

Unfortunately, not all relevant stories find their way into the media, although they would be eye-openers to anyone looking to protect themselves and their family. True horror stories ranging from sex offender neighbors to criminal partners often remain untold and could be easily prevented with thorough background checks for previous arrest records.

Why look up someone’s arrest records?

It’s simple. Whenever you meet someone new and want to be certain they won’t cause you or your family any harm — such as sexual and psychological abuse — you’ll want to run a background check for potential arrest records. You may also be suspicious about close relatives, which doubles the danger if they share a house with you. 

Arrest records can be found in complete inmate lookup platforms similar to the Jefferson County jail log. All you have to do is search for someone’s first and last names, select the state they live in, and begin your search to learn whether or not they’re inmates at any location in the United States. 

Note that records contain sensitive and often defaming information. Looking up arrest records or performing background checks of any kind is ideal for safety purposes only, and it’s certainly not the way to go if you plan on stealing someone’s identity or stalking anyone. 

Are my searches anonymous? 

That’s a frequently asked question, one that if not answered correctly, will prevent hundreds of people from easily checking possibly dangerous people online.

The answer is yes, your search is fully anonymous. Whoever’s name you’re searching will never know you’ve looked them up. A private search history will give you the assurance you need to go ahead with your investigation, with the peace of mind that you’ll be covered every step of the way. 

Are all records free?

Although flat monthly fees are charged for extensive records, they’re affordable and will save you weeks, if not months, of work trying to connect the dots by yourself. 

Fees are necessary because all the information you need needs to be paid for your viewing, and that’s about it. There’s no need for upgrades or premium memberships. For a small monthly fee, you’re all set to access unlimited records with printable versions.  

What else can I find besides arrest records? 

We all know arrest records aren’t enough by themselves. In the worst case, you could be dealing with someone who’s yet to get theirs. That means the more you can find out about someone, the better.

Online information sites will let you access social media reports, mugshots, background reports, address history, complete contact information, sex offenses, and so much more data that’s hidden from the general public. They can help you not only find whether your spouse might be a criminal, but also if they could be cheating on you, for example.

What’s more, you can search for and find lost relatives using the same information provided. It’s a versatile approach that keeps you both safe from harm and in touch with people you love. 

Although not all people would go so far as to create a whole new identity to hide their true selves, we must be careful about the percentage who could do it online or in real life. Some may keep their real names and still get away with illegal conduct, while others may live a blatant lie. Background checks will prevent you from partaking in it.