Law Firm Marketing Ideas to Improve Your Online Presence

Having an engaging online presence is important to stay relevant. From user-intuitive web design to interactive and personable content, an online presence is the first impression that clients see of law firms. Legal expertise and reputation do help law firms stand out, but to truly stand apart from the competition, it’s necessary to have strong marketing strategies in place to attract new business. Here are some law firm marketing ideas to improve your online presence. 

Invest in good SEO

Search engine optimization is a great tactic to ensure a business stands out in online searches. People use keywords when looking up topics to find the most relevant results, for example, “divorce lawyer,” “environmental law,” and “immigration lawyer New York.” SEO ensures that a law firm’s web content contains the most commonly searched keywords and phrases to position the website to the top of the results page.  

An SEO specialist can help to determine and understand the most advantageous words to feature on a website and incorporate them into the content. Effective SEO will generate more clients and quickly show a return on investment. 

This is a good time to emphasize branding. A brand is related to a mission statement, and can easily make a firm stand out from the competition. Be serious yet emulate an approachable or comforting message. It’s OK to be clever to create a brand that is unique and unexpected and makes people want to know more. Use quality images, copy, and site design to emphasize branding. 

Marketing is essential to the growth and survival of a business. Lawyers understand the value of expertise, which is why attorney internet marketing agency NettraMedia takes a unique approach. They study countless marketing and public relations channels, incorporating existing information, and further developing relevant ideas and marketing strategies to enhance law firms’ digital presence. 

Provide valuable content 

Content marketing goes hand in hand with SEO. A law firm can show off its areas of expertise with blogs, videos, infographics, or relevant articles. Clients tend to conduct research before making the decision to work with a law firm. Anticipate client questions and concerns by having a Frequently Asked Questions section on the website. A strong FAQ section shows a law firm’s level of expertise and creates a sense of ease and confidence for the client. 

Create short, one to two-minute videos that address common legal questions and integrate them onto the website and on social media. Videos are engaging and interactive, and better convey emotion than images. Making an online connection and showing empathy towards various situations and legal topics can help build trust between the client and lawyer early on. 

Validate content by including client testimonials on the firm’s website. Online reviews are similar to word of mouth marketing. The positive experiences of former clients will further put potential clients’ minds at ease and provide a sense of confidence that the right choice is being made to pursue the law firm. 

Have a social media presence

Every lawyer in the firm should have a LinkedIn profile that highlights professional credentials, educational background, and career successes. The firm should have a Facebook page as well to stay connected and engaged with clients and colleagues. Social media should be linked with the firm’s website so clients have multiple ways of engaging. Be sure that the firm is available to field any questions or communications that come through social media. 

Social media is a perfect way to show community engagement. Law firms should participate in community events in any fashion and include this information online. Community involvement helps to build brand image, strengthen reputation, and further inspire trust in potential clients.